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Owner Operator FAQ:

Do You Charge a Recruiting Fee?
No, there are no fees to Owner Operators and Small Fleets. Our recruiting process is simple and straightforward. Any fees associated, or costs incurred are per agreement with the company we are recruiting for.

Who Do You Recruit for?
We recruit for many companies around the nation. This is dictated by company need. Sometimes we are recruiting for several companies at once and at other time for a single company. We are currently recruiting for MTE Transportation. MTE Transportation is currently recruiting Solo and Team Owner Operators and Small Fleets with Vans, Flatbeds, Step decks, Refers, etc, The sign-on process is simple and if you have all the necessary paperwork ready it is possible to get you on the road the same day that your application is approved.

What is the Process?
The sign-on process is simple and straightforward. If you want more information you can use the contact form here or you can simply call our office. 402-541-4154. Otherwise, first we just need a completed application from you with information about you, your truck or small fleet, etc. We nearly always have "same day" approval, or we will have an answer by the next day. Then as soon as we have your additional required paperwork (see below) you can be on the road. Paperwork can be returned by: email. fax, USPS mail, FedEx, etc.

Is Older Equipment Acceptable?
Yes, as long as your tractor and trailer are road worthy and can pass DOT Inspection there is no defined age for your equipment. You will, however, want to discuss this prior to sign on.

Do I Need Experience?
Yes & No. This question is two-fold. Owner Operators with experience or former Drivers with experience who just became Owner Operators are acceptable. Someone who has no or little experience, whether a new Owner Operator or not, isn't what we are looking for. We try to be flexible with all applicants, however experience rules.

How Soon Will I know if I have been Accepted?
Typically you will know the same day. Or, at the latest, the next day. This is dependent upon what time of day we receive your application, etc.

What if I have Blemishes, Accidents, or Felonies on my Record?
This is best discussed by phone. We try to be as flexible as possible so, depending on the severity of the mark on the record you may or may not qualify. In general an accident of felony is not a barrier to sign-on.

Do You Have a Base Plate Program?
No, you must provide your own Base Plates and 40 State Authority.

Do You Have Your Own Freight?
Yes, we have a large list of shippers in our database. We do, however, from time to time have to pull a load from a broker if there is nothing located where you dropped off your load, etc.Our goal is to keep your truck moving and making money so we DO NOT settle for cheap freight, EVER!

What Is Your at Home Policy?
In general, trucks are out 10 to 14 days. Then you can have a much time as home as you like. Some prefer an overnight, some a few days. That's really up to you. We do try to get you off the road for holidays as well. We try to suit you home time to your personal need.

Is There a Company Safety Policy?
Yes, a copy of the policy is available for your review. You will find that is is a simple policy. MTE chooses not to burden Owner Operators with a huge policy. The bottom line is that the company runs legal. The company also puts the safety of the driver, truck, and cargo at the top of the list! We want you safe.

Can I Sign On My Small Fleet?
Yes, Small Fleets are welcome. Some start by signing on one, two, or a few rigs and then move the entire fleet to us over time.

How Do I Get Started?
Getting started is easy. You may: 1) use the contact us form to send your contact information or questions, etc. 2) You may download and fax the application. 3) Give us a call at 402-541-4154.

What Documents Will I Need to Sign on?
Basically we need to documents listed below. If we need anything else, we will let you know.
Copy of Tractor & Trailer Registration (Proof of Authority)
Copy of most recent DOT Inspection on equipment
Copy of Driver's License
Copy of Social Security Card
Copy of any current�Insurance for Tractor/Trailer
Current 2290
Copy Lease Agreement
Current Negative Drug Test
Copy of the signed�Lease Agreement

On The Average All Our Placement Trucks Are Currently Averaging $5,600/week

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FAQ, frequently asked questions,owner operator, solo, team, carrier, dispatch, freight, mte transportation, van, flatbed, step deck, refer, watertown, sd
FAQ, frequently asked questions,owner operator, solo, team, carrier, dispatch, freight, mte transportation, van, flatbed, step deck, refer, watertown, sd

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